Debuted dance theater production@ Lincoln Square Theatre, July,2010.
Returned @ Hamlin Park Fieldhouse Theatre, curated by Cristal Sabbagh,

December 2010

Conceived & Choreographed by Wannapa Pimtong-Eubanks

Costume: Wannapa P-Eubanks

Produced by Wannapa P-Eubanks
Featuring Erin Peisert, Janet Schmid, Megan Rhyme, and Wannapa P-Eubanks

​photo by Andrew Walker                                                vdo. coming soon...


Coin Story [World/Chicago Premiere]

Dance/USA.Showcase in Chicago

Courtesy: The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago [still picture]
Conceived & Performed: Wannapa P-Eubanks

​Recited Poem by Jasmin Cardenas [from VDO. @Havana Gallery]]

photo & Janet Schmid [@ Havana Gallery]

Ballad of Maternity 


The piece titled, "Longing"
Solo performer by Wannapa P-Eubanks
Poem "The Reed Flute's Song by Rumi -- translated by Coleman Barks"
Recited by Rachel Javellana
Costume: Wannapa P-Eubanks
Sound SFX [cicada/cricket sound]
Longing is inspired by The Reed Flute's Song by Rumi, combining with the idea of Wabi Sabi*, the beauty in the imperfect presented through Butoh as a medium. Focus on simplicity and subtle movement.

photo by ©Alex Wieder                                       Steven Kellert 




Memory of Earth Mother

Conceived & Performed: Wannapa P-Eubanks
Costume: Wannapa P-Eubanks
Music by: Andrew Vasquez and Keith Bear_from album "Tribal Winds"
Location: Fulton Street Collective
December 2012
Event: Film Strip 101
Curated: Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble
During the last years of the seventeenth century and the early decades of the eighteenth century, the French reported that Illinois men spoke disparagingly when they referred to women; the Europeans even concluded that Illinois women were the slaves of the men. Native American women have been referred to as the "Hidden Half" because the documentary records provided such a cloudy view of the female arena. "Memory of Earth Mother"was created to be dedicated to the Illinois women and all the women.


                                                                                Jessie Rochon




Put Myself In Your Shoes

Performed by Wannapa P-Eubanks

Out of Site 2018

@ Wicker Park Street Festival

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